Who we are

Vertisystem is a leading staffing, engineering and IT professional services organization, building healthy staffing solutions for the world, one customer at a time. We help our clients scale reliably, on-shore, near-shore, and offshore.

We have been humbly serving our clients for 15 years, helping them succeed by serving as a reliable extension to their organization, enthusiastically taking ownership of tough problems and headaches, and following them through to a successful resolution. In this way, we have won the hearts and minds of our customers, many of which have become life-long friends and partners. We take joy in watching after their continued success.

We believe in finding the right fit for our clients and our staff to ensure that our clients get the right person for the right job and our staff have meaningful opportunities to make a difference.

Our Values


Honestly representing our capabilities and flexibly adapting to the needs of our clients, Vertisystem always keeps its commitments. Through transparency, honesty and consistent delivery, our goal is to win the hearts and minds of our customers.


Together, all challenges are conquered, and no task is too big! Collectively, we are overcomers who accomplish amazing things, and it is our heart-felt teamwork that makes our customers’ success a reality!


Eager for new challenges and passionate about the possibilities of exciting opportunities, we zealously pursue our clients’ business needs. Applied passion is the driver to creating industry-leading value and the key ingredient to unlocking long-term growth.


We choose to dedicate our time to care for the careers of our staff. In so doing, we are confident that their personal growth leads to better opportunities and improved outcomes for our customers, for our families and communities.


Giving back is the preeminent value that continuously guides Vertisystem, from our founders, to our leaders, and to our staff. The giving starts by investing in and mentoring our people, and it increases as we invest in partnering with our customers. Giving back ultimately culminates in pouring back blessing to our communities. To this end, we pledge ourselves and encourage our staff to continue to support and serve a variety of local non-profit organizations that enrich the communities in which we live and work.

Our CEO Speaks
Rakesh Sadhwani
CEO and President

At Vertisystem we believe our vibrant culture starts by enjoying life and living healthy, and that our culture is further enriched as we help each of our cherished customers succeed.  In so doing, we joyfully celebrate our accomplishments as a team, and we recognize and award the heartfelt efforts of each and every individual.

The impact of our work is further amplified by continuously expanding our expertise and honing our competencies; by doing this, we delight our customers as we deliver value beyond their expectations.  To this end, Vertisystem is committed to earning our customers’ respect and recognition as a preferred vendor.

And, as a trusted partner, Vertisystem works seamlessly with our customers as an extension of their organizations, reliably executing on delegated assignments, gracefully tackling the most troubling problems, and eagerly taking on difficult challenges.

Most surprisingly is Vertisystem’s proven willingness to invest in the long-term success of our customers’ business.  We believe in our customer’s missions, and we are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of their success story.  Together, we joyfully anticipate and celebrate a more prosperous future for all.