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A guide on: How to pick the right CRM platform

At some point or the other every business feels the need for a better customer support system, most start with emails but soon that’s also not enough, few people opt to scale up their customer relations team, but what you need may be a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Once you accept the fact that you need a CRM platform comes the big question. Which one?

Picking the correct platform for customer support is the initial hurdle in the wake of scaling your client support system as there are just too many support software out there.

Not only are the options endless, but every single CRM solution provider is obviously trying to present their product as the best in the market. This means that they all look attractive at first glance, and task of choosing one can be a pretty daunting.

Today, we’re going to talk about the points you need to keep in mind while figuring out which CRM platform suits you the best. It’s a step by step guide to help you cover all the necessary aspects of the issue.

The Process of Choosing Support Software

Best way to approach the issue of choosing the right CRM platform is to go about it in a structured manner. You need to figure out all the aspects which will come into play and address them one by one.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Figure out what your requirements are

2) Discuss with your team

3) Assemble a list of options

4) Eliminate the options which doesn’t satisfy your needs

5) Try the remaining options and pick one

Let’s go through all those steps in detail.


1) Figure out what your requirements are

First comes the need for introspection. You need to look at the customer support you currently provide and how you want to be changed about it now. What are the needs which you have from the CRM platform, then you can start looking at the options available.

The people you should think about while figuring your needs are:

  • The Customers
  • The Support team
  • The Managers

Follows are few things to consider when it comes to all of those parties:

The Customers

What kind of customer support experience you want to provide to your customers?

  • How important is it to have personal touch in your communications with customers?
  • For which cases you want customers to use resources available and for which cases you want customers to log on to your portal for submitting queries?
  • What part of your customer support you want to provide as self-service to your customers?

The support Team

What kind of environment you want for your support agents?

  • Feature set and usability is a matter of give and take, so what’s the best balance of the two for you?
  • How much do they need to collaborate?
  • How much automation do you need?

The Managers

What capacity do you need your supervisors to have?

  • What are the consistent issues that your managers are having?
  • What kind of data or information do they require with the end goal to understand them? (For instance, if consumer loyalty is down, at that point perhaps it’s an issue of long answer times?)

After you’ve considered each one of those requirements, you ought to likewise consider the general condition of your organization and in addition where it’s going⁠—and how quick.

Picking a support platform is an imperative choice. Onboarding your group to another platform requires time and effort, so you need to consider what’s next for your organization.

Choose something that will take care of your needs for a long time to come.

Consider the following things:

  • In what ways will your customers or audience group change?
  • How quickly is your team growing?
  • Do you think you will get to 100+ support agents one day?
  • How will your customer support requirement change down the line?

After going through all of these points, you should have a list of things that you need. For example:

  • An option to create a knowledge base
  • Great collaboration features
  • Easy to use interface

Keep this essentials list as brief as possible for quicker evaluation.

Besides the essentials, you can also think about features that you may use in the future to do something that will benefit you.

For example:

  • Analytics for in-depth reporting
  • Automations to make your team more efficient

And then you get started.

2) Discuss with your team

After you’ve assembled a fundamental review of your needs and future plans, you should also have a discussion with other people in the team.

The ones who will be using the tool every day as well as those directly managing them will be crucial obviously.

After having a discussion with your team, your list of things you absolutely require and things you totally don’t need will be finished and conceded to by everybody.

3) Put Together a List of Options

Now that you’ve had a discussion about what you really require and discussed with your group, it’s time now to begin taking a look at choices available.

To figure out what your options are just start with google. The no. of results will be a lot but you will have a comprehensive view.

A lot of sites also have reviews of most of the market prevailing options. Go through as many articles as possible and keep looking for the feature set you need.

While looking into these reviews you will get to know more and more about what features are available on different platforms and it may help you update your list of requirements

After doing your research get in touch with your network for recommendations as nothing is more valuable than the first hand experiences. It will also help you eliminate a few options or may be add a few.

But remember take these recommendations under consideration with a pinch of salt as the fact that a solution didn’t work out for another company, doesn’t mean it won’t for yours.

Also try visiting few communities online and getting reviews from there as well.

4) Evaluate and Eliminate

Once you have a list of options at hand go through each one of them and see what features they offer.

Most of the providers have a list or videos showcasing all the features of their product so you won’t even need to register to evaluate this.

This will enable you to see which platform instantly have (or don’t have) the things you’ve set up as your requirement for your organization.

Remove the choices that don’t meet your criteria from your list. In the event that the list of options is still long, you can likewise depend on your gut a little and dispose of the ones you feel are excessively mind boggling, excessively costly, or that you simply don’t care for the look of them.

Keep in mind that, you’re not cutting off ties here⁠—you can simply return to any of these, yet your current task is to come down to the supreme crème de la crème of CRM platforms  as per your particular needs.

Once you are down to 2-3 choices you can start trying your hands on these.


5) Try Them Out

Since you have your best alternatives, it’s a great opportunity to join and evaluate how you like really working with them.

Most of the good platforms has a trial or a demo account you can use to get into it.

Play around with it to get a vibe of how it functions and what you’re searching for really feels like.

In case that something appears to be an incredible fit, test it well by importing your emails and make sure everything is being imported and working correctly.

All Good? Ask your group to do the same and test it as per their requirements, and after that talk with them about what they loved and what they didn’t⁠—in a perfect world you ought to have everything down in a synergistic report so individuals can remark on it.

As a matter of fact while testing a platform can uncover a few things that you probably won’t like usability wise, and you ought to be prepared for any such occurrence.

Stress not, though⁠—if something doesn’t work out for you, simply return, pick something else from your list and rehash until you find ideal choice for you.

Pick your CRM platform well

Picking a CRM platform for your team is a big step as it will set the tone of your customer relations, remember a good team can do a lot with the right tool and once you commit to a platform you will be using it for a considerable amount of time.

There are a lot of options out there, and going through all of them will take you a good amount of time and effort

Never be afraid to be picky and take your time⁠—a tool that fits your needs perfectly is crucial for your customer support’s success and team’s productivity.


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Vertisystem have been providing Application support to Infoblox (Oracle ServiceCloud) for several years for both Incident and Enhancement support and well as Release upgrade management. The model they operate for us is onshore Account management with Offshore resources covering P1 through P3 issues. They are extremely responsive and willing to accommodate most, if not all reasonable client requests.

We find their Account Management team to be very engaged and not the usual ‘only reach out when issues arise’ style. Very satisfied with Vertisystem as one of our managed service providers.

Director, IT Applications
Infoblox, Next Level Networking

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Stanford University School of Medicine

For the past 8 years, Vertisystem has provided our team with a number highly talented software developers. We are very pleased with the contractors from this agency. 


Manager of Continuous Improvement

Stanford University School of Medicine

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Leading entertainment company

Vertisystem was referred to us by one of our hiring managers. We reluctantly engaged them to be a tier 2 supplier for our IT and engineering contingent worker requisitions. Their candidate quality and expeditious service quickly outmatched other suppliers. Vertisystem was promoted from a tier 2 to a tier 1 supplier in no time. In addition, we broadened their scope of their job classifications and were once again stunned by their performance. I am proud to say that Vertisystem is one of our top suppliers and continues to deliver top talent in all job functions at our subsidiary.


Sr. Manager, Shared Services & Employment Programs

Leading computer entertainment company (US)

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Workforce Logiq

Vertisystem has been an invaluable supplier in all 3 staffing programs that I have supported. Their ability to listen, ask the right questions and consult by providing market research has helped immensely in being able to create an efficient staffing program. Their expertise in supporting engineering and IT requirements have helped these companies in expanding their workforce. While all 3 programs I have supported have been vendor neutral, several managers have come directly to me and expressed Vertisystem contractors stand out vs other agencies workers. I highly recommend Vertisystem as a staffing vendor.



Workforce Logiq – Vendor Neutral

(Formerly ZeroChaos-Workforce Management)

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How to charge more than your competition

Whenever you talk about Whole Foods or Starbucks the most common topic is how they overcharge their products or how whatever they are selling is not the best out there but still, people somehow pay twice or thrice for them.

But imagine a chilly morning when you are out for a walk and it’s been a while. You think “Man, I’d really love a hot cup of coffee,” Luckily just around the corner, there are two cafes one is offering coffee for just $0.99 but doesn’t look too cozy whereas the other café looks great, have comfortable seating, but asks for $2 for coffee. Which one will you choose?

That’s what Starbucks did. Similarly, try asking anyone working at Wholefoods where a particular product is shelved? They won’t tell you the aisle, they won’t give you the directions but, they will take you there.

Customer experience is the most important factor for the customer to decide whether the price being asked is fair or not.

And for a business customer happiness is the most important thing. When it comes to customer retention, Nothing works better, nor discounts, nor marketing campaigns, nothing.

Also, the benefits go beyond those first customers too, happy customers tell an average of nine people about their experience, and right there you have a free of cost marketing campaign

The better customer service is a value addition to your offerings which will bring in customers again and again willing to pay more

Few Ways to deliver the best Customer Experience

Compete on customer service

The best product or service alone cannot entitle you for the best customer experience, your customers are not only looking for what’s everyone’s selling but for more. For that you need to back your product or service up with a good customer service and make it a complete experience. Whenever your customer run into an issue its important you support them as through that you will understand how to build trust and your customer will know that you will take care of them.

Expand your service beyond business hours

This again is about trust. If you are available to your customers all the time they will know that they can rely on you. Be there to solve their issues and make them feel connected. While doing this, you might stumble upon a possibility of not just improving your service but expanding them as well which will always translate into better sales.

Build your customer relations with a personal touch

Whenever you have a valued customer surprise them through a personalized message or a personalized offer. This shows goodwill and takes your customer relationship to another level. Few days back my wife ordered a bag. The delivery got delayed for some reason. But when the bag arrived it came along with a handwritten note signed by CEO of the company. That changed a bad experience into something good. Now that brand is being recommended by my wife to anyone who will hear.

Study your customer group well

If you pay enough attention to your customers and their behavior patterns you will understand their needs better than them and will be able to offer more and more services. This also increases customer engagement time which will, in turn, improve your brand value. Customers have a set of attributes tied up with them, for example, someone who comes into a clothing store to buy running shorts might be a sports fan. Giving the running shorts section a sporty feel will improve the buying experience by building a deeper connection with the customer.

Make it easy for them

Doing their work for them is the best way to improve your customer service. Do they need to find your product? Take them there. Do they need to figure out what they need? Help them with that. Try to find more and more ways where you can help your customer and they will develop affinity towards your service.

Once they know they can come to you without too much thought or preparation they will start coming in more often.

Care for your customers…. The most.

Empathy is your best tool out there while managing of your customer’s experience.

We all have a particular shoemaker or a particular brand of clothing we like the most think for a min what is the reason for that in most cases you will conclude that they have provided you with some experience which made you feel that they are the best you can have. That’s what you need to aim for being the best care for our customers.

Earn the right to charge more

Selling your services or products on a lower price is never a good strategy as the competition can always drop their prices lower than yours and then you will again be looking for a different USP.

At times even having the best product won’t make you a market leader because, we don’t live in a perfect world. Competing on quality is a worthy goal but you need to provide the best experience of which the best product is only a part, as no matter how good your product or service is, at some or the other point it will have some issues and when that happens you need to be there with customer services to make it a complete and pleasant experience.

If you want to truly stand out make sure that people love the way of your business and everything about it. Customer tends to give it a lot of thought and everyone wants to be associated with good, caring & empathetic people. If you are the one with the best understanding of your customers they will gladly pay more for your services.

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