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"Migrating to core to achieve more"

The client is a leading company in Hospitality industry in the world. With more than 26 years of customer service experience, the company has presence in more 35 countries with a network of more than 379 destinations. The company provides world-wide ownership points, sponsors celebrities and also hosts private concerts. In its endeavour to serving the client better the company is intended to intended to migrate existing core business application from legacy system to advanced version to better serve the customers, to ease off the workload. This involve the following tasks:
  • Application Development
  • Quality Analysis (QA)
  • Reports
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
Engagement Model: T&M
Our collaboration with the client began in 2015 and since then Vertisystem we have been working closely to achieve business goals. Task, technologies, tools and progress we have made so far are discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.
Development Progress:
As part of the Development Progress, we were asked to migrate the legacy application for all the operations including resort management, tour booking, gifting, loan processing, document tracking, front-desk management, etc., into a total new web application with appealing look and feel and improved performance.
  • Combining various processes to have ease of handling the application
  • Integrating the new website with third-party loan processing system with less paper work and more security
  • Integration of web application by which the resort booking can be exchanged with other external resorts
  • Migration of Oracle reports into Jasper allowing to use the freeware instead of licensed version Oracle reporting tool
  • Optimize the database performance
Our Efforts:
As part of the development progress, Vertisystem put the following efforts:
  • Migrated almost most of the screens to latest version
  • All the Oracle reports have been converted to Jasper which helped the client to bring down the license cost
  • There was remarkable performance enhancement of the system has been done.
Tools Used:
Frontend designing: HTML, JQuery, JavaScript
Backend: Oracle 12c and 12 Oracle PL/SQL
Reporting Tool: Tibco Jaspersoft and Oracle reports
Other tools we have used include:
  • GIT (source control), Winscp (SFTP)
  • HPALM, (Defect Management), Redmine (Task management and tracking),
  • Phabricator (Code review)
End Result:
  • The whole application has been migrated to newer version along with the latest additions in the process
  • New processes are also introduced to remove the flaws in the existing system and providing ease to end users
Jasper BI Project
Project Requirements:
The Company was using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for Data Analysis and Reporting and the company is looking for a cost-effective solution with the same end result.
Vertisystem was asked to migrate all the existing Dashboards from OBIEE to Jasper. The company is able to save hundreds of dollars which was showing a significant impact on the bottom line.
Vertisystem's Solution:
Vertisystem after a thorough study and understanding suggested the combination of Jaspersoft Server and Jaspersoft Studio which serve as OBIEE do. The proposed solution has had a remarkable impact on the cost.
As we progress, Vertisystem completed POC successfully and launched migrating the existing dashboard and reports and Data Models to Jasper. During this migration we also continue to support OBIEE Dashboards to not to hamper routine work.
End Result:
As a result of this migration the client was able to bring down the cost of the license without compromising on functional capabilities.
Technologies & Tools:
To make the migration effective, Vertisystem used the following tools and technologies.
  • Jasper soft server professional
  • Jasper soft studio professional
  • Oracle 11g
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS