Our IT Services

Vertisystem is a seasoned IT and business solutions company based out of Silicon Valley. We provide our customers a wide variety of onshore and offshore IT services that are designed to reduce the cost, complexity and the headaches of managing a large enterprise. Our services include: Infrastructure Management; 24/7 Server, Networking and Database Support; Data Protection and Security Services; Enterprise Monitoring, L1, L2 and L3 Support; Custom Development and Integration Services; Helpdesk Solutions; ITIL Services; and, Project Management Services. Vertisystem has the competence and information technology expertise to help your organization flexibly realize next-generation IT strategies at a significant cost savings to you.

Infrastructure Support

  • → Enterprise monitoring support
  • → Access and Identity Management
  • → Virtual infrastructure management
  • → Backup solutions
  • → Clustering and disaster recovery

24/7 Server

  • → Layer 1, Layer 2 network support
  • → DBA and Active Directory services
  • → Windows, Linux and PC administration
  • → Patch management

Project Management

  • → Project and resource planning
  • → Time and budget management
  • → Delivery management
  • → PMO as a Service
  • → Agile Scrum

App & Integration Development Services

  • → Enterprise application development
  • → Middleware application
  • → Integration services
  • → Mobile/Web application
  • → Frontend and UI/UX development
  • → Backend and database development

Helpdesk Services

  • → Desktop, laptop, and mobile support
  • → Applications, configuration
  • → Network access request
  • → Peripherals support

Security Services

  • → Data privacy and security
  • → Attacks prevention and mitigation
  • → Vulnerability scanning
  • → Infrastructure monitoring
  • → End point security, Firewalls, Antivirus systems

Support & ITIL services

  • → L1, L2 and L3 support
  • → Configuration management
  • → Incident management
  • → Problem management
  • → E-mail and Sharepoint support
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24/7 Service

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Cost Effective


I would like to express my gratitude in working with Vertisystem. I sense Vertisystem really cares about what my department is trying to achieve and is willing to go the extra mile in helping us accomplish our goals. When there are problems or concerns Vertisystem has a culture that drives them towards understanding the problem and correcting it.

It is nice to have a partner located right here in Las Vegas close to our office, as it gives us a lot of flexibility and access to the Development and QA team. The talent you have brought into our organization has had a positive impact with our internal customers who we serve. Vertisystem has supplied us excellent services for Development, QA testing and Business Analysis.

A Major Hospitality Client

Vertisystem have been providing application support to our company (Oracle ServiceCloud) for several years for both Incident and enhancement support and well as release upgrade management. The model they operate for us is onshore account management with offshore resources covering P1 through P3 issues. They are extremely responsive and willing to accommodate most, if not all reasonable client requests.

We find their account management team to be very engaged and not the usual ‘only reach out when issues arise’ style. Very satisfied with Vertisystem as one of our managed service providers.

A Major Network Solutions Company

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