Retail & e-Commerce

Transforming the Information channels for impeccable Inventory management and smooth Operations

Retail is undergoing significant disruption transitioning from predominantly brick-and-mortar to online sales and service. More often, the integration of these two channels is an imperative for customer satisfaction. Success of operations is solely determined by availability of reliable data in a timely manner.

To ensure meaningful customer experiences and partnering with customers at every step of the journey requires seamless orchestration of data and algorithms across the value chain, with real-time data-driven decisions are imperative. Understanding customer behaviors, preferences and buying patterns, whether at the store or online, combined with automated intelligent decision making opens whole new opportunities for targeted cross-selling and up-selling offers. Efficient omni-channel customer contact & service requires integrated and always available customer data and insights regardless of how, or when, your customers decide to contact you.

These are just a few examples of how Vertisystem’s expertise in data driven solutions improve management and results of retail operations. Vertisystem can help with simplification of the support systems and frameworks through the streamlining of data flow and resolution of bottlenecks throughout the value chain and customer journey.

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