Staff Augmentation

With nearly a decade of experience in IT staffing and services, Vertisystem provides second-to-none services to its clients with utmost quality, timely delivery, and industry proven methodologies. Our team of recruiters has experience in filling various positions in related services. The institutional and technical knowledge, network of industry associates, combined with superior service levels, enable us to be an ideal labor supplier in the industry.
In times of growing talent shortage, companies have to find new ways to fill their strategic positions from the outside.
With the changing trends and technologies we also have adopted new methodologies and approaches to meet our clients' requirements while recruiting new hires. Following are some of the techniques we follow to support our clients:
Finding the Talent: As a valued MSP, Vertisystem over the years had built the reputation of recruiter of choice among clients, candidates, and employees and has been living up to it. We have implemented various types of methods in providing priceless workforce to our clients. Our approach to tap and attract the active as well as passive job seekers is second to none. We use different sources such as referrals provided by our existing employees and also consider referrals from our previous employees to create a talent pool that includes the best available in the marketplace.
Engaging the Talent: Once we have the talent pool in place, Vertisystem engages the professionals by creating different talent pipelines, and start moving potential candidates down the funnel. We manage the entire talent database by creating pipelines that target the critical talent needs of skill shortages. Talent pools will be able to mobilize internal and external candidates. The internal talent will always be the starting point to fill a role. Having a pool readily available brings down the additional cost to acquire new talent when the actual demand arises. With strong management policies in place, Vertisystem is able to create visibility into pipelines, talent pools and bench strength and provides the ability to bring together high functioning team in an agile manner, supplementing with contingent workers as the need arises.
Mobile Connectivity: In the fast-paced echo-system, every other industry is making optimal use of the taking advantage of mobile and related technologies, tools and apps emerging out of this revolution in communications spectrum. Vertisystem understands the growing importance of mobile and will make use of this platform to provide our clients with the best services in terms of identifying and recruiting right candidate for right position.
Artificial Intelligence: Vertisystem can help its clients divide the recruitment flow into several stages using artificial intelligence in an automated way. They could gather and assess more data of each candidate and create a probable insight. We use special algorithms to assess candidates’ skills. By creating candidates' insights, artificial intelligence helps our clients to identify new hires based on their skill and place them in right position to utilize their talent in the maximum possible way. This approach not only boosts business productivity but also helps in boosting candidates skills.
Acquiring the talent through Analytics: It is an uphill task for the companies to acquire right talent and it requires a thorough analysis to bring the right people on board. Vertisystem undertakes a thorough analysis of a candidate in terms of qualification, technical skill, experience, availability, background, etc., among others. We have the ability to search for the potential candidates against open positions. This also allows us to source passive candidates through data-driven analysis based on established role profiles.
Our scope of services includes short-term and long-term staff augmentation contracts, as well as full-time placement opportunities. Our unique approach delivers solutions tailored to fit the individual requirements of clients we work with. We find the best talent for client's organization is based not only on understanding the position's requirements, but also ensuring we align our searches for candidates that will succeed in client's overall business environment.
Vertisystem's capability and experience spans across several key industries and in-depth knowledge of our industry-specific expertise. We provide the genius that every client needs, and creating an Employee Value Proposition to attract the best talent and letting the consultant know tangible and intangible benefits that position offers.
Our Services Include:
  • Technical Staff
  • Non-Technical Employees
  • Clinical Staff
  • Non-Clinical Staff
  • Operation/backend Staff
  • Executive/Senior Executive level
  • CEO