Testing & Quality Assurance

Vertisystem believes in customer oriented services which is achieved by providing customers quality as well as cost effective services. We have designed a highly effective quality assurance delivery model that helps our clients to optimize their return on their investment to save their valuable money.

We provide the following services:

QA Services

  • Test Plans
  • Requirement Validation Matrices
  • Test Case Inventories
  • Requirement Inventories
  • Automation
  • Testing Procedures


  • High Quality and Consistency
  • Increased Productivity and Effectiveness Through Repeatable and Automated Processes
  • Access to our Testing Methodology and Testing Management Tool
  • Single Source for Software Quality Services

Cost Effective

  • Reduced Failure Costs (RFC)
  • Via Repeatable and Automated Processes
  • Reduced Development & Maintenance Costs
  • Errors are found earlier in the SDLC