Hospitality, Gaming and Entertainment

Transform User Experiences with Real-Time User Insights

The Hospitality and Entertainment industries are greatly disrupted by emergence of technologies related to user experiences and near real time data analytics. The convergence of business offerings of Hospitality, Gaming and Entertainment is a titanic disruption translated to opportunities for businesses operating in these segments.

Traditional business models with siloed enterprise applications have given way to converged cloud-based applications allowing insights to customer’s behavior patterns and the ability to know your customer with a 360-degree view across all of your services. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence provides real-time insights, predictive sales patterns and automated decision making, resulting in a greater experience for your customers, and higher revenue for your organization.

Vertisystem can deploy its vast experience in Data Warehousing; Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver highest quality User Experience and data-driven proactive management.

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