Our specialty and partnership with Snowflake ensure our customers to leverage an array of solutions for their business data solutions.

    Whether a pure   end-to-end GCP solution, or one that brings together best-of-breed platforms within the Google Cloud, Vertisystem has the expertise to move you towards a truly data-driven organization.

    Google Cloud provides a modern fully managed, petabyte-scale, low cost data warehouse platform which lays the foundation to ML/AI.

    Reduces your time to queries and transforms data in both real-time and batch modes.

    Reduce complex workarounds or compromises for reliably managing streaming analytics necessary for ML/AI data pipelines.

    At Vertisystem, we believe in our customer’s missions, and we are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of their success stories.

    As a trusted partner, we work seamlessly with our customers as an extension of their organizations, reliably executing on delivery of our commitments, gracefully tackling the most troubling problems, and eagerly taking on difficult challenges.

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    Roadmap & POC

    Today’s businesses strive to improve the agility and ability to gain insights to their data through Analytics and Data Visualization. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions help in taking appropriate decision.

    The first step in achieving these objectives is to develop and implement a data strategy that meets the needs across business domains such as Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations.

    Vertisystem’s Roadmap Service delivers a series of actionable, executable projects prioritized and sequenced by business value and readiness factors.

    Our services includes the execution of a proof of concept (POC) of a small, yet valuable use case to implement your first data warehouse implementation.

    Roadmap and POC

    Migration & Management

    Vertisystem’s Roadmap Service

    Data Warehouse Management

    Businesses often operate their enterprise data systems in silos.

    Vertisystem specializes in bringing scattered data sources together into a central/federated Data Warehouse which derives maximum business value and enables business growth in a methodical and cost-effective manner.

    Through our certified partnerships with all of the major cloud platform providers, we have the skills and talent to provide a full-stack solutions to your Data Warehouse migration objectives.

    Data Management

    The success of managing effective data solutions lies in ensuring confidence in the data itself as it is acquired from source systems and moved to the resulting data warehouse for business-user consumption.

    Acquisition of relevant and large volume of data with seamless filtering abilities to keep unrelated data out is key for the success of building and managing effective Data Warehouse solutions.

    Data Profiling, Validation and Quality complete the cycle of ensuring accuracy of data as it is moved from source to target environments.

    As a Snowflake partner, Vertisystem has Snowflake certified “SnowPro’s” ready to assist your organization in modernizing your data warehouse environment for the cloud

    Make a difference with data in the global market by adapting to an exceptional cutting-edge technology on the cloud. Manage your valuable data on a securely scalable, reliable, automated and dynamic data warehouse platform with near-zero management overhead. We help you in integrating complex data from different source systems with Snowflake Data warehouse. The integration services aims at helping you record, store, assess, and manage all your data on a unified platform for performing an array of business processes with high speed and in simplified manner.​

    Advance Analytics, AI & ML

    Today’s digital economy requires the ability to make quick decisions based upon data and facts. Our teams are highly talented at working with your business partners to drive clarity around their data analytics needs. Whether starting from scratch or migrating existing reporting capabilities, Vertisystem assists our clients in understanding your requirements, determining the best approach to presenting data either in the form of dashboards or multi-dimensional reports, architecting the data and delivering results.

    Vertisystem's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches save time and reduce errors from manual efforts allowing you to invest your organization’s efforts in more business-critical activities.

    We have the resources and skills, from Data Scientists and data engineers with capabilities across many common toolsets.

    Cloud Adoption – App Modernization

    Are you ready for business transformation to new digital world with existing enterprise application sets? Are your applications scalable, delivering expected user experiences and optimized for the cloud?

    Application modernization is imperative in improving customer experience and digital transformation. We start with rationalizing the applications landscape for upgrade, cloud migration, cloud native development and sunsetting strategies. Using Refactoring and API integration in the DevOps environment Vertisystem experts, unleash the data that is locked in your applications and put it to use for generating optimized value.

    Vertisystem also assists in migration of applications from monolithic architecture to Microservices & Serverless architectures with implementation of DevOps.

We Work as Extension to your Teams...

Vertisystem delivers solutions to product and service companies that are application and data driven in the following ways:

  • Full Project Lifecycle Delivery
  • Partial Ownership of the Project Lifecycle
  • Managed Teams or Individual Contributors
  • Our engagement encompass Onsite, Offsite, Offshore, or a Hybrid approach

Risk Management with Proven Engagement Models...

Vertisystem is in lockstep with you in managing results. Our goal is to identify the best service for you and deliver results that are scalable and repeatable. Leverage our Service Delivery to augment your team, build a team we manage, provide full or partial project delivery and/or provide a managed service. We help you create the vision of what will work best for you.


  • Flexibility in approach
  • Alignment of Vertisystem’s service to client’s needs
  • Experts engagement as needed

Areas Of Expertise

Throughout this journey we have cultivated expertise as well as an expert team of consultants . This enables us to quickly respond to any challenge with confidence and high-quality delivery.

As businesses are maturing technologically there is a need for continuous business transformation, to that end we offer Application Modernization and Cloud-Based Data solutions.

MSP Solutions

MSP Solution Unit is an MBE certified (NMSDC) professional service, solutions and staffing business unit specializing in the Technology, Accounting/Finance, Digital/Creative, Professional Services, Engineering and HR/Admin categories.

Our continuous goal is to be a “best in class” supplier partner not only within the programs we support, but to continue to establish new partnerships within each MSP organization as well as within the contingent workforce industry.

We are active members in several industry organizations which strengthens our ability to serve our customers by staying active within the current state of our industry and providing our clients with a high level of satisfaction.

We ensure each client has the support of a local Account Manager who values the partnership and relationship. Each client will also have a dedicated recruiting team who works hand in hand with the Account Manager to support each client’s unique needs.

MSP Partnerships

  • Flexibility in approach
  • Alignment of Vertisystem’s service to client’s needs
  • Highest level of Client Satisfaction- Best in Class partnerships
  • Adhere to Program Policy’s – 100% Compliance Audits
  • Fast submission times – Stellar Quality Talent
  • Better fill rates / Bill rate conformity
  • Scorecard Excellence - Metrics compliance
  • MSP/VMS Program Awards & Recommendations
  • Employee Retention

MSP Industries

Vertisystem has been serving clients in diverse domains for more than a decade. Throughout our experience we have catered to various industries fulfilling a wide array of job roles. Every client has unique culture and while finding the right talent for them we ensure the right fit culturally.

Whenever we engage any partner, we utilize our knowledge of the domain. Domain expertise combined with a good understanding of requirements enables us in effective delivery of the right talent. Vertisystem believes in building enduring partnerships be it with our Clients, Partners (MSPs) and Candidates."

AI Platform: YATS

Our proprietary AI-driven Applicant Tracking Solution (YATS) covers all staffing aspects to empower efficient and smart fulfillment.

Efficient and Smart Fulfillment

Key Features:
  • VMS Integration
  • Source across multiple job boards at once
  • Ongoing consultant tracking and touchpoints
  • Business analytics
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited calling and texting
Vertisystem AI-driven Applicant Tracking Solution (YATS)

Who we are

Vertisystem is a Cloud solutions provider, specializing in data solutions, data warehouse solutions, application modernization and Cloud migration. Our Cloud data solutions include Snowflake implementation, advanced analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence driven transformations across all Cloud platforms.

With Over 15 years of experience in these core areas, we have adapted to our clients’ cloud strategic initiatives and bring over 50 years of combined experience in Cloud technologies to implement a diverse set of business solutions. As a leader in Cloud initiatives, Vertisystem continues to support clients with on-premises solutions as needed.

With our unique approach to identifying the best fit for your requirements, we are confident in our ability to deliver the next generation of Cloud solutions to you.

Our award-winning MSP solutions provide impeccable staff augmentation and professional services. Our teams serve as a reliable extension to clients, enthusiastically taking the ownership of problems and headaches, and assisting them with a requisite outcome. We believe in finding the right fit for our clients to ensure that they get the right person for the right job and our staff makes the best of their meaningful opportunities to make a difference.

Our Story

Vertisystem is a business solutions company providing its clients with technology and staffing solutions, catering to diverse sectors like technology, hospitality, casino gaming, manufacturing, eCommerce, and consumer electronics.

We serve several Fortune 500 companies, and work in multiple time zones and continents to provide globally aligned talent and solutions.

Vertisystem’s strength emanates from our diverse and versatile team. With a strong core value system, we are a cherished, dependable partner. We are invested in our clients’ success; watching them grow delights and motivates us.

Our Values


Representing our capabilities and flexibly adapting to the needs of our clients, Vertisystem ensures transparency, honesty and consistent delivery.


All challenges can be conquered, and no task is too big when teamwork can accomplish amazing things, and that is what makes our customer’s success a reality!


We zealously pursue our clients’ business needs, and passion is the driver to creating industry-leading value and the key ingredient to unlocking long-term growth.


We dedicate our time to care for the growth of our teams. In so doing, we try to ensure that their personal growth leads to better opportunities and improved outcomes for our customers.

Community Welfare

Giving back to society is a persistent value that guides Vertisystem, and this runs throughout the hierarchy. It begins by investing in and mentoring our people, and it only gets boosted as we invest in partnering with our customers. To this end, we pledge ourselves and encourage our team to continue with their support and serve a variety of local non-profit organizations that enrich the communities in which we live and work.

Our CEO Speaks

Rakesh Sadhwani
CEO and President

At Vertisystem we believe our vibrant culture starts by enjoying life and living healthy, and that our culture is further enriched as we help each of our cherished customers succeed. In so doing, we joyfully celebrate our accomplishments as a team, and we recognize and award the heartfelt efforts of each and every individual.

The impact of our work is further amplified by continuously expanding our expertise and honing our competencies; by doing this, we delight our customers as we deliver value beyond their expectations. To this end, Vertisystem is committed to earning our customers’ respect and recognition as a preferred vendor.

And, as a trusted partner, Vertisystem works seamlessly with our customers as an extension of their organizations, reliably executing on delegated assignments, gracefully tackling the most troubling problems, and eagerly taking on difficult challenges.

Most surprisingly is Vertisystem’s proven willingness to invest in the long-term success of our customers’ business. We believe in our customer’s missions, and we are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of their success story. Together, we joyfully anticipate and celebrate a more prosperous future for all.

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