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About Vertisystem
Established in 2007 Vertisystem is a solution provider for the Industry in various verticals of Staff Augmentation, Customer Relationship Management, Offshore Managed services and IT support across the globe

We excel in holistic solutions for best leveraging client’s resources to grow their business. Our IT staff works around the clock to support our clients with constant service and come up with ways to better optimize their business and help them achieve their KPIs.

With our collaborations with Market leaders (Oracle Gold Partner, Salesforce partner) we provide tailor-made solutions on the best platforms to engage and support your customers. With onsite and offsite support staff we bring to you a plethora of services to support your customer at a substantially lower cost.

Having long-standing partnerships in Vendor Management and Managed Services industry we provide our clients with customized solutions to all of their talent requirements. Experienced with working with all leading VMS we collaborate with Major MSPs to cater to requirements of industry leading enterprises.

Rakesh Sadhwani

CEO Vertisystem


Being part of the industry, we consider it our source and destination both, with us just being a loop which continuously adds value to it. Our vision is of a world and an industry where everything fits and everything is optimized.


We at Vertisystem focus on understanding our clients' business. Information Technology has always, to the core of it, been an industry enabler, being a Technology company we create value by the collaboration of Business with Technology.


Our mission here at Vertisystem is to find our clients the best talent, resources and technologies to optimize their business. We are here to serve and find solutions to all apparent and hidden issues our client has in the most economical way possible.
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