Leading MSP/VMS Services

MSP/VMS programs bring the advantages of standardization, cost savings, and SLA-measured results to your staffing process. But what can be missing in the MSP/VMS process is the confidence that you are getting top-quality talent, and the sense of security that comes from working with a true partner.

Vertisystem embraces the efficiency of MSP/VMS/VMO programs and leverages their capability to minimize client cost and maximize response time, coverage and compliance. An industry-specific Dedicated Account Management Team, with a single point of contact, deals directly with you to ensure that candidates that we submit have the experience, credentials and talent to perform at the highest level and are also matched to your business expectation and goals.

Vertisystem is a leading partner to all the major MSP/VMS platforms including:

Vertisystem’s success comes from:

Partnering with every major global MSP firm in the staffing industry has helped us develop a unique MSP Business Model.