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Leading entertainment company

Vertisystem was referred to us by one of our hiring managers. We reluctantly engaged them to be a tier 2 supplier for our IT and engineering contingent worker requisitions. Their candidate quality and expeditious service quickly outmatched other suppliers. Vertisystem was promoted from a tier 2 to a tier 1 supplier in no time. In addition, we broadened their scope of their job classifications and were once again stunned by their performance. I am proud to say that Vertisystem is one of our top suppliers and continues to deliver top talent in all job functions at our subsidiary.


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Leading computer entertainment company (US)

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Workforce Logiq

Vertisystem has been an invaluable supplier in all 3 staffing programs that I have supported. Their ability to listen, ask the right questions and consult by providing market research has helped immensely in being able to create an efficient staffing program. Their expertise in supporting engineering and IT requirements have helped these companies in expanding their workforce. While all 3 programs I have supported have been vendor neutral, several managers have come directly to me and expressed Vertisystem contractors stand out vs other agencies workers. I highly recommend Vertisystem as a staffing vendor.



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